A year full of important and interesting events whose objective is to show the latest in the digital marketing sector. We discover some of the most outstanding for you to note in your diary.

But since the best way to keep abreast of what’s new is to experience it first hand, we urge you attend and not to be left wishing that you had. Go for it!


25-28 February, Barcelona

This is one of the most important technological events of the year. The Mobile World Congress is the congress on mobile communication held at the Fira de Barcelona, and it brings together all the advances in wireless and mobile communications. It presents the different innovations to investors, engineers and scientists with the aim of offering the latest technological tools.



25-27 February, Barcelona

The 4YFN (4 Years From Now) event consists of a platform that belongs to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is organised by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the GSMA. The objective of this event is to shape and plan the future of different investors, corporations, public institutions, as well as start-ups. This takes place through various workshops, activities and programmes where debate is focused on new developments in the start-ups sector.



8-17 March, Austin (exception United States)

SXSW (South by Southwest), an event that serves as a meeting point for agents, promoters and others related to the world of music. It develops activities, panels, interviews and presentations, making this fair the ideal opportunity to find out about various emerging and innovative technologies.



30 April – 2 May, London

SMW (Social Media Week) is the world’s leading social networking event. It serves as a platform for various conferences in which entrepreneurs, journalists, creatives and experts are informed about the various developments in the field of technology and social networks. A unique space in which the most innovative ideas are available to all attendees.



14-16 May, Amsterdam

This is the largest meeting of the retail sector. Under the slogan “Where ideas go global”, it brings together attendees and speakers from various countries and different companies, such as Facebook and Intel, among others. The conference focuses the debate on development and innovation in retail applied to different business areas.



3 and 4 April, Birmingham

The IRX (Internet Retailing Expo) is one of the most notable digital and multi-channel retail events in the UK and Europe. This is a space that allows suppliers and exhibitors to meet with potential customers and discuss the various challenges and developments of the moment. This translates into a multi-channel framework of innovation and investment in which technology and marketing play a key role.



15th May, London

Being one of the biggest gatherings in the world of fashion, it allows to highlight the most interesting aspects for different brands. Innovation, technology and fashion come together in the same event which also has awards to the different brands in the world of retail and e-commerce. It also has different programmes in which conferences, advice, competitions and much more stand out.



16-18 May, Paris

This is an annual technology conference focusing on innovation and start-ups. The objective is to gather investors, journalists and other attendees through exhibitions and conferences on development and technology. This event brings together the best minds, talents and products over two days and provides an unrivalled opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments.



17-21 June, Cannes

Also known as the International Creativity Festival. This annual event is considered to be one of the most outstanding in the world within the field of advertising. It brings together digital and marketing innovators, designers and advertising agencies with the aim of presenting various projects (radio, TV, press, advertising) to those competing for the awards that give the festival its name.



11-12 September, Cologne

The DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Expo and Conference) is one of the leading conferences on Digital Marketing in Europe. This fair is well-known within the field of digital and Internet. Its main mission is to focus on customer needs as well as those of the consumer. It therefore serves as a meeting point for the various experts in the sector. It is a national platform with an international impact.



25 and 26 September, London

This is one of the main events for the ecommerce community and brings professionals in the sector together to present new trends and technologies. Attendees have the opportunity to find out about innovations in services, technology and products of several areas presented by the different exhibitors, as well as by through the conferences.



4-7 November, Lisbon

Considered one of the best technology conferences in the world, the Web Summit brings together different founders and CEOs of different companies in the technology sector, along with start-ups, politicians and heads of state. The objective is to propose new ideas and innovation for the technology of the future.