Lithuanian University VGTU,  which ranks within 2.1 % of Best in the World, and its  Department of Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship hosted multiple lectures of Dario Sipos, Digital Strategist in Expert International 


Dario Sipos is Digital Strategist in Expert International which is a world significant consumer electronics retailer (4000 electronics stores and 15 billion euro turnover). For them and each country where they are present, Dario does digital expansion, development and increasing the share of an online business. He does this from point of creating a Brand Story to engaging into social media and technical setups of web-shops. Also, Dario serves as Export Director in company K+B Progres, which is the largest company in Bavaria-Germany doing wholesale, his task was to expand business and he did so in 22 countries. He also started few successful export enterprises as DWR, including few digital media companies, created few expansions of brands and brands and pages of successful now brands like ECG.

Dario Sipos

Expert International is the largest retailer in the world of consumer electronics, with a long history starting n 1960-is, while nowadays they present a real challenge in digital communication as they conduct sales in multiple countries, combining multiple of everything (languages, cultures, etc.) while keeping it under same “marketing umbrella”.

The lectures highlighted creating a digital Brand Story, digital expansion of a brand, taking new markets with help of technology, managing remote teams, detailed analysis of competition using software tools in e-commerce, dealing with strong competition as Amazon with almost no budget and using only creativity, parameters in e-commerce that really matter like “keyword competitiveness”, tools at effective winning online.


A future cooperation between Expert International and VGTU University was agreed to strengthen a bond between two entities.  During the meetings, the trends of global e-commerce, sharing of experience in the implementation and evaluation of digital solutions in Lithuania and abroad were discussed. Also discussed were the opportunities for collaborating in the field of science and the improvement of the study process – Expert International provided valuable case study material that will be used in the study process.The meeting was attended by a professor of business technology and entrepreneurship department Dr. Vida Davidavičienė, lecturer Dr. Jolanta Sabaitytė and lecturer at the Department of Management Sigitas Davidavicius.

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