2019 looks bright for the digital marketing industry in general as nearly all companies both large and small with an online presence understand how content marketing can help them. There were times in the last few years where people had no idea what SEO was and how it would help their business in the slightest. With those outside of the marketing world catching up on knowledge many brands are more willing to invest money in digital marketing as they now see the value in it. Content marketing drives traffic, leads, sales, and search engine rankings as well as does quite a bit for branding. 2019 can be a business trajectory changing year with the right strategy when it comes to the content marketing campaign. The following are tips that will help companies both large and small create their content marketing strategy for the year.

Start Gathering Data Now

Content marketers now have more tools than ever before that can help them shape 2019’s strategy. Articles or resources that have done well in the past should be updated and reposted as great resources can generate hundreds of backlinks over time. This is an example of creating “Evergreen” content that can be updated and be as relevant as the original time it was created. This software development company does a great job in this post explaining processes to create software without overselling. Avoiding being too salesy can be just what a company needs for their blog to become more popular than ever. Engagement on posts via social media is also important to note as the social media team bringing in sales leads is a huge bonus for many businesses. Have a few people on the staff take a look at the data to see if they can create an actionable plan out of it. Mending these plans together can create a workable plan that incorporates the strengths of multiple people on the staff.

Identify Publications That Accept Outside Contributions

Building a great backlink portfolio for a business needs to be done carefully as a site that is easy to post on has probably been spammed by less than ethical content marketers. Take the time to look at the backlink profile of competitors to see where “low hanging fruit” in terms of guest posts are. This can help a company gain quickly on their competitor for certain keywords and phrases. By targeting the publications now it is possible to create a relationship where the company could contribute a few articles per month.

Start Creating Topic Ideas For Major Holidays Throughout The Year

People love holiday themed content whether we as marketers want to admit it or not. At times many marketers can be tired of putting a new spin in terms of the holiday to an article they might have written previously.  Marketers have to understand that the common consumer outside of the marketing world love this type of content. It can bring a new light to a subject that might be boring to put it plainly. Being able to get this content together early is important as well as many professionals tend to use their PTO around holidays to maximize days in the row off.

Diversify Types of Content

Taking the time to test out different types of content is important otherwise the company could be alienating a huge part of the customer demographic. People prefer their content in a specific form so it is important to appease the consumer as they are the ones generating sales. Podcasting has become increasingly popular as it allows for in-depth discussion versus other types of content. Articles that are too long can lose the attention of the reader while a podcast can be listened to during a commute where time is prevalent. Of course it is important to track data on these types of content as the company might find that one form of content is not worth the increase in cost when compared to written content.

2019 is going to be a bright year for content marketers as people finally understand the true value of marketing in this way. There are no shortage of tips in content marketing, it just takes time to sift through the good suggestions and the less than average ones.