"Digital Retail Marketing" by Dario Sipos

The most recent book we read is “Digital Retail Marketing: The Essential Guide to Low-Cost, Successful Content Marketing”, published by Dario Sipos, a Digital Marketing Strategist, Branding Expert, Keynote Public Speaker, Author, and Business Columnist.

“Digital Retail Marketing” it’s a very readable 131 pages book. Throughout its eleven chapters, you will be taken on a detailed tour of the digital marketing world for the retail industry, touching on matters such as online marketing, internet traffic and algorithms, content creation, story branding, and social media platforms. The last chapter of the book provides a detailed step-by-step guide, which helps you apply the information you read about in the book’s previous chapters.

When working on building or improving a strong online presence for your retail business, below points are pretty much crucial to make your retail marketing to work online:

  1. Put in place or evaluate your content marketing process and the story branding of your business. In order to keep your cost at a low level, you need to build an actionable content marketing plan quickly and focus on creating content that will bring you organic growth for your retail brand. Once this is done, you will notice how all parts come together to work as a productive marketing machine.
  2. Understand the psychology behind acquiring users online. Your content marketing efforts in online should be targeted towards creating hooks for your customers, making them to return to the products offered by your business.
  3. Learn how internet traffic and social media algorithms work. Create as much organic traffic to your site as possible is the key on reaching a high internet traffic level. When it comes to social media algorithms, as the author mentioned in this book, they “represent a complex way to do simple things”.

Why to read this book? Certainly, because it will provide you with very detailed information and many “how-to steps”, consolidating everything in one place. It will save you a lot of time searching for all this information online, as this book is a great, curated collection of ideas, strategies, concepts, and information. At the end of the book you have a great and very detailed glossary, a list of tools, and resources that really lets you dive in, elevating this from just a how-to manual to a possible essential reference.

The best thing which we found about “Digital Retail Marketing” is that it provides information and steps which are explained in a simple way, easy to apply. By starting to apply all this to your online retail business, positive results will start appearing in no time, which means your business will start to grow.

Overall, it is one of the extremely useful and valuable digital marketing books for the retail industry. “Digital Retail Marketing” is the first book any working or aspiring marketeer, retailer, or CEO must read-period. For those of you who are more generalist, or you just start doing Digital Marketing in the Retail industry, this book can be a very credible, and a powerful teacher.

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