LinkedIn plans to begin regularly updating its Sales Navigator platform every quarter, starting with a suite of improvements rolling out in the first quarter of 2018.

According to an announcement from the Microsoft-owned business-centric social network, in its latest update, LinkedIn will look to make the sales management tool more efficient through redesigned account pages, improved search and email alerts.

Redesigned account pages

Sales Navigator’s redesigned account page.

LinkedIn is redesigning Sales Navigator’s account pages so that sales teams can keep better tabs on their existing or prospective clients. At the top of the account page, it will now display company summaries that will include a company’s industry, revenue, employee count and contact information. Below that will appear two sections: “People” and “News and Insights.”

The “People” tab organizes a person’s contacts at the company into three groups: saved leads, recommended leads and their connections who are connected to the account.

The “News and Insights” tab will list when an account has been mentioned in the news or on LinkedIn, as well as when they have “meaningful headcount or personnel changes,” according to LinkedIn.

Improved search filters

To make it easier for sales teams to pinpoint prospects, LinkedIn will enable them to apply their sales preference settings as search filters when seeking leads.

To use the autosaved search preferences feature, people will need to open the advanced search box and toggle on a box to their sales preferences, which can include location, industry, size, job function and job seniority.

Email alerts

Sales teams are often on the hunt, but sometimes they may be the ones being watched. Now they can have LinkedIn email them when one of their saved leads views their LinkedIn profile.

More software integrations

Finally, LinkedIn has also added four partners to its Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP), which was unveiled last year and enables some of the tool’s features to be plugged into third-party software. The newest partners are Demandbase,, Oracle Sales Cloud and SugarCRM.

Transfer data to corporate accounts

Individuals may use their Sales Navigator accounts to manage clients and leads, and at some point want to pool their data into a corporate account. LinkedIn will now enable people to transfer their data to a corporate account through a self-serve tool.

LinkedIn introduced the Enterprise Edition of Sales Navigator along with a series of other updates in March of last year.