Top FREE Blogs to Learn Marketing in 2021
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As aspiring marketers, it can be challenging to find resources that are legitimate and is not trying to sell you anything. But, actually seeking to help you understand the craft of Marketing.

Believe us, we know the feeling because we’ve been in your shoes, we’ve spent money on courses that only told us WHAT to do, but not HOW to do it.

Therefore, we’ve made this list for YOU who wish to find FREE resources to learn marketing and more.


First and foremost, it’s no surprise that Google is the number one place to find free digital marketing resources.

Google Digital Garage is an excellent place for beginners to start. The courses are extensive and cover digital marketing holistically.

There are over 30 classes, two of which come with certificates of completion. Those two classes are:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Prepare for the G Suite Certification Exam

You can also explore the Google Skill Shop for product-specific courses and certificates. These are more advanced and an excellent addition to a CV.

Whether you want to learn more about A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing or paid ads, there’s a wealth of marketing knowledge being shared online every day.

However, the following websites are just as, if not more relevant for you to practically learn anything you’d like to learn. Ready to dive in and pick up something new?

Let’s go!



The Unbounce blog offers expert advice on a landing page and conversion optimisation to help you crush your next online marketing campaign.

Recommended reading:


Moz’s blog features advice, research, how-tos, and insights — all in the name of helping you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills.

Recommended reading:


Coscheudle’s blog features in-depth blog posts and resources on content marketing.

Check out CoSchedule’s blog >


Wistia is a fantastic place to learn about video marketing and startup life.

Check out Wistia’s blog >


Econsultancy shares the latest digital marketing and eCommerce insight from a team of analysts and experts.

Check out Econsultancy’s blog >


Hubspot has a fantastic blog covering a range of sales and marketing topics, including A/B testing, content marketing and email marketing.

Check out Hubspot’s blog >


Contently’s Content Strategist blog takes readers on a dive into the world of content marketing, strategy and social media in a wide range of industries.

Check out Contently’s blog >


The KISSmetrics blog aims to help you track, analyze and optimise your digital marketing.

Check out KISSmetrics’ blog >


Optimizely’s blog focuses heavily on landing page optimisation and A/B testing.

Check out Optimizely’s blog >


AdEspresso’s blog focuses on social media marketing and paid advertising channels. It’s an especially brilliant resource if you’re looking to learn a thing or two about Facebook Ads.

Check out AdExpresso’s blog >

Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert is led by Jay Baer. Their blog covers an interesting range of social media, marketing and content.

Check out Convince & Convert’s blog >

Over to you…

We’d love to hear your favourite blogs to learn something new about marketing, or what you think is missing on our list.

Let us know in the comments and we’ll be excited to check out your recommendations.

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