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Looking for a specialist to develop the site, but do not know how to choose the right designer? Then you should read our article to the end to know exactly what criteria can distinguish a professional from an amateur.

Today the market is full of specialists of different profiles from copywriters to designers. People provide services both as independent freelancers and as a variety of design studios. Who to entrust your project to, and how to find real professionals from all this variety, who will not fail in terms of time and provide a quality product?

Before you start looking for a designer, decide on what you want

What is the budget for the development of the site you are laying down? The fact is that you can find a freelancer that will put the site on WordPress for only $ 100 using a ready-made template and free mockups.

Or you can order an individual site design, and such a site will cost on average $ 1500 or more. Therefore, when choosing a designer, think first about what budget you are ready to spend on development, promotion, filling the site with content and its further maintenance.

Where to find a designer

1. Design studios

If you have a large-scale project, it is better to choose a studio, to conclude a contract and work. If you have a small site, you can look for a specialist among freelancers. Working with the organization, you will be offered to make a detailed technical task, calculate the cost of services and set deadlines.

The cost of studio development will be higher than that of a free specialist, as your task will work on a team of specialists.

2. Freelance exchanges

On the stock exchanges you can find an inexpensive designer who will make your project at a lower price than in the studio. But here the important thing is this. The fact is that the stock exchanges have both novices in design and professionals.

Therefore, carrying out a search for a designer on the stock exchanges freelance, you should talk to the artist and ask him to send you a portfolio and designed layouts of sites that he did.

In addition, the stock exchanges you can see the rating of the appropriate specialist, as well as statistics on the work performed.

3. Social networks

Search in social networks is carried out on request: the designer of the site, looking for a designer for the site, etc. Here you just set the task and agree on the cost and timing.

How to choose a designer for your site

1. Portfolio availability

To select the right designer, be sure to pay attention to his portfolio. How much work he has done, what feedback this specialist has from his customers, what projects he has carried out. The portfolio will tell you more than the specialist himself.

To prevent the designer from misappropriating someone else’s work, check the links to the artist through the search engines for pictures, or talk to customers.

2. Specialist of a narrow profile

Cooperate better with specialists who specialize in the work you need, such as the creation of landings, or tourist sites. Such an employee has a good understanding of the topic and will make a more appropriate design for the target audience. He already feels it.

It’s good if the portfolio has 70-80% of the work on the topic that suits you.

3. Fonts

It is good if the portfolio of the artist in the works used no more than 2-3 fonts and 5 colors.

4. Images

A good designer will not have stock images, and people in the pictures well represent the target audience.

5. Availability of feedback from clients

This point perfectly illustrates the professionalism of a specialist and proves that all the work provided in the portfolio is his work. In addition, if a designer collects feedback, it means that he is interested in staying in this market for a long time and is not a casual guest here. Therefore, the work with him will be coordinated.

But the efficiency of work depends not only on the designer, but also on the customer, on how competently, clearly and accurately the latter has set the task.

To find a good designer in your project, ask him to provide you with layouts on a grid with layers. This is how the expert draws the design of the future site. Well, if the designer knows how to make a site, but this is not an obligatory criterion for finding a specialist.